Rust server monitoring

In monitoring you will always find the most top -end Rust servers. Here are full of popular projects for every taste. And so that you can easily select the best Rust servers For the most tearful game, in monitoring there are many filters with which you will instantly find a suitable server.

The country
/2838810570/incestisland005_1k_newserver_010_100000511201306_02_00207052121.05wipe2281337void4250.Arctic.ver.007bAlias.WildWest.v.0.1.6amigos2023fAngryRUST_v1.3apocalypse_v1.1arenaarmrust3BANDIT_ISLAND_V1_8BarrenBarren.Farm.Castom.Letaiki.0.6Barren012barren_nefty3bebrarustborisBorZoneBroRust Custom MapBroRust Procedural MapCHANGED 17 Hapis Islandcombatx256CookieRust04Cristal11ctgames_v1.7.35CursedProceduralCCustom MapCustomFarmCleopatrav2Custom_anarchy_21Custom_Map_Holy_islandCustom_V217darkcustomDeeRustustomde_dust2de_miragediamondrust_101.6DISNEY_MAPDragon Valley 2.5DragonRustDWorld TMD v1ELITE RUST ROMANIAExilesRust_customExtinctionFamemapwipe2FantasyValleyFantasy_Valley_VModFastCup_2000_3_1fatalrusttFCHexagonia1609FCNewWorldSeed1_P_upd10_LFCNewWorldSeed9_Ps_LQ_updFCObscureCanyonUPD14FC_Vortex_LiteFireCrowNewWorldSeed1FPS++ MAPFRVSFR_Version_Alpha_0_7G-Horizon Island Test Prifab 4gachiservermapGAMES .3750.216GFY210923GFY23012023govnomapaHapisIslandHapisland_v10HapisReWork2.17happyHawk_Ridge_Island_nervHawk_Ridge_Island_rev0118hdrphordeex18_LHuntRust_fou1jb_moti2_jailsurfbamgbhopawpKILL OR DIEKILLERsTM_Custom_16.09LandOfDeadV2LargeMapBySidikLast_Train_Edit_HDRP_ver24LaunchrustLays_CustomLian_Yu_FinalailroadLovaCastomv6Mafia One Grid X Mini Onegrid 2MapFireRustbully2MiniMap-5-v11Namalsk_PVP_v123a34New_Rome_v10O1R1E2GLHver8OA_3OBNiNSKbarrenpandora2pandora_v5_031221Procedural MapProcedural РЕЙДБАЗЫProcedural.4250.734672Procedural.Castom.Farm.0.2.7ProceduralCustomRF332proceduralmap.3000.612422400.22proceduralmap.3500.23645.216proceduralmap.3500.77657.191proceduralmap.4000.59.191proceduralmap_3000_5493v1proceduralmap_3500_1161v3proceduralmap_3500_911v1proceduralmap_3500_975_v1proceduralmap_3700_008Procedural_2500mProjectX05_Blackpsfp5PVERustZ_09_180221PVERustZ_beauty180221RsOmegaRust-CUSTOMBARRENRustafied Custom MaprustCustomMap_8290e21234Rusticated Generated MapsRustoria Map GenerationRustPlantA-09.11.2020rustpornusp112RustRome_Legacy_remastered_v128RustTrap - Castle & Fort v.1.7Rusty_Knight_1402ScorchedEarthskafanSOLO-DUO-TRIO-QUADsoloonyx2021Star-Rust2022SUMMERRUST__12.11SunshinetopfarmTheOxide5.6.4The_Earth_Apocalypse_RemasteredTop IslandTrinum.2301.V2V5038valkiria17.042VonaZaVlastVortex_v3.1WarZMap040421WarZMap04_11WarZMap210421War_for_power_NewWasteland_HDRP_version12Fall2WELOVERUST_TROPICAL_CUSTOM_JULEWipeGoldMapworkshop/2991756587/awp_lego_2_minecraftV2_dpWRWORLD(DEEPRUSTcustomseries)XAOOOOOOOOOCCCYoung_Club_CustomZombieNation_v10.9.11
[PVE]G.F.Y X3-X5|NPC|Bank|TP|Coin LicensePveX3X5PirateTPRemoveScrap
GFY210923 2/150 438
[UA|EU] Steel Valley | Wipe 28.09 Without a dupClassicPVPPveMax 3Max 4Max 5Without donatWithout registeringVanilla
Procedural Map 1/100 438
FacePalm#3 Solo Only|Noob Friendly SurvivalLicenseClassicSoloWithout donatVanilla
Procedural Map 1/100 436
FacePalm#2 Solo/Duo/Trio [Classic|Max3] SurvivalClassicMax 3Without donatVanilla
Procedural Map 1/200 436
[UA|EU] SPACERUST X5 NOLIMIT LOOT+ WIPE 28.09 SurvivalLicensePVPX5PirateKit StartLootMax 2Remove
Procedural Map 4/100 389
ScamRust x10 (MAX4) | FRIDAY | TUESDAY | Wipe 29.0 SurvivalLicensePVPX10TPCasesDonat
Barren 1/100 388
Procedural Map 113/200 377 - US Main
Rustoria Map Ge 108/250 363
TRAVELER SOLO [MAX 1] Wipe 02.10
Procedural Map 58/150 359
Intoxicated ZA Vanilla 3 - 07 Sep - Full wipe
Procedural Map 35/140 345
[PvE] TruePvE [x1-x5|Loot+|NPC|RB|Quests|NoRaid/No
Procedural Map 17/100 342
TRAVELER TRIO [MAX 3] Wipe 29.09
Procedural Map 33/200 337
TRAVELER DUO [MAX 2] Wipe 29.09
Procedural Map 39/250 336
Procedural Map 24/150 336
Intoxicated ZA Vanilla 1 - 21 Sep
Procedural Map 15/120 333
[RU] PvE Rust-Z [Zombie,NoKill/Raid,RaidBase,Quest
Custom Map 11/120 329
[US] Stevious 2x Large | Vanilla | 9/28
Custom Map 17/250 327
Intoxicated ZA Vanilla 1 - 21 Sep
Procedural Map 7/120 326
[US] - 5x No BPs [Loot+/Shop/Kits] JUS
Procedural Map 10/250 324
MerricGaming | 5x | Solo/Duo/Trio | Loot+ | Full W
Procedural Map 4/100 324
420 USA 2X [No BP Wipes/Wiped 09/07] /info
KILL OR DIE 1/100 321
Rice Hills UA [Solo/Duo/Trio|Noob Friendly|Moded] SurvivalLicenseTPKit StartMax 3Without donatEvents
Procedural Map 0/100 287
[CRAZY RUST] SOLO. True Vanilla. NO BP wipes! SurvivalLicenseClassicPVPPveLootMax 3ClansQuests
Procedural Map 0/100 287
FacePalm#1 [NoLimit|Classic|NoDonate] SurvivalClassicClansVanilla
Procedural Map 0/200 285
FacePalm#4 Barren [FPS+] SurvivalLicenseClassicWithout donatClansVanilla
Barren 0/200 285
MILITARY [ Kits | X5 | Loot++ | EVENTS | ] Wipe 19 LicenseX5Max 5RoleplayVanilla
Custom Map 0/150 235
0/0 150
[PvE] TruePvE [x1-x5|Loot+|NPC|RB|Quests|NoRaid/No
Procedural Map 16/100 145
Procedural Map 10/100 145
RUSTX [x10 | MAX 3 | BARREN] Wipe 02.10
Barren 5/150 145
[PvE] TruePvE [x1-x5|Loot+|NPC|RB|Quests|NoRaid/No LicensePveX5Without a dupTPKit StartLootRemove
Procedural Map 18/100 145
██ DesirePROJECT | AWP [!ws, !knife, !cs] SurvivalLicensePVPX3X5TPKit StartMax 4RemoveScrap
workshop/299175 0/32 145
jb_moti2_jailsu 0/64 145
EOKA RUST 2x | WIPE 01.09 (не зеркало) SurvivalLicenseEvents
Custom Map 0/100 145
Остров Надежды MAX-2 SurvivalLicensePVPScoreCitiesDonatQuests
Procedural Map 2/200 145
[RU,EU] Classic x2 LicenseClassicX2Kit StartEvents
Procedural Map 1/199 145
Краснодар LicenseClassicScoreHardcore
Procedural Map 10/100 145
RUSTX [x10 | SOLO | BARREN] Wipe 02.10
Barren 5/150 145
RUSTX [x10 CLAN MAX 5 | PROCEDURAL] Wipe 02.10
Procedural Map 1/150 145
RUST_ARMY x1000000|Battlefield|KITS|FAST|AIM|LOOT+
Procedural Map 11/80 145
Custom Map 3/100 145

Rust server list

The rating is created for easy and quick search for the best projects for each player individually. There are a lot of filters for selection of servers and also sorting by different parameters. Also, servers Rust are always sorted by rating, so the best projects are always in the first.
Rust has long become one of the popular games. The project is constantly developing, graphics are improving, the game mechanics are constantly being finalized and new game elements are added. This game will not let you get bored.
A player in Rust immediately appears on a huge island, on which he will have to fight for his life. In order to survive, you need to collect resources: wood, stone, ore and others, to build a refuge in which all the extracted loot and of course weapons will be stored for protection. Yes, it will not be sweet here, other players will constantly try to kill you and pick up all your good. And also wait for the raiders who will try to blow up the walls of your home and pick up your precious lutus.
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