Minecraft server monitoring

Are you searching for the best Minecraft servers to play on? Look no further than our Minecraft server monitoring. Here, you'll find the most exceptional Minecraft servers just waiting for you. The top-rated servers are listed in the monitoring , so you can effortlessly find one that's perfect for you.
The country
#L52021_04_24_21_45_51_726 1_13_to_1_122b2tkopia58965k map1@tormcpeA Xyu TebeAdamasAirplaneEP 1.18.1AirportAmazinusanarhyAntraliaarcadeAtom-CraftAureole by LentebriesjeauthBasados2bing bongBiome Duels Lobby DownloadinmineIsekaiIslandWorldkakekKoGerKrainaMcl1LargebiomesLevCraftLilyPadlobbyLobbySkyLunormagicrpgmapmapassomcfunny.suminecraft the way homeMm.zipmultibiomemweavenativeNemisysNetherGames NetworknewNewMineLifenewworldNexLonNovaBungee [1.8.x - 1.14.x]NSANUESTRO Mundito UwUNullCordXNullCordX_ProxyOceanTit3ourserversPaper 1.16.5Pelmen_ServerPFplay.brlns.netplay.spicemc.ruPlayPEPlayPELobbyPornCorePotoWorldProxyPVPArenyq2eQuestBungeeRainbowMountainsrealRealmCraftrelaxRPRUSRussiasSBlobbySciFi_Lobby_by_DiddiHDServerShireSkaiPlockskyskyblockslivSMSnow Village (It Takes Two)Soashiland 2sp4spawnSpawnLoz1SpawnsSSBungeeCord_ProxySSCord_ProxyStartSunMapSURO Map ungespieltSurvivalSurvival#2tcracyTechnologyTempelTerraFirmaTerraPreGeneratedTeslathe real real serverThe-Ultimate-Dropper-Map (1)Third Iterationtisbitypesun nou§a§lEG§r§e LobbyГриферЗА КВЕРИБОТА В РОТ ЕБУЛюбовьне скажу :ЗНеважнопустой мир 008Южныйヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
The address
KoGer /nE>48! 1.19SurvivalWithout a dupClassicPVPWithout a dupPirateAuto-shachtAntispamWorkCasesDonatClansWeddingsEconomyEventsGrifAnarchyVanillaDuelParkourPrivat
BungeeCord_Prox 0/100
IP: GC2.PL NAJLEPSZA SIEC SERWEROW IP: GC2.PL 1.16SurvivalCreativeBed WarsHide and seekClassicPVPRPGKit StartPrisonEconomyEventsRoleplayAnarchyQuestsHardcoreDuelBuild BattleParkourSkyblockMob ArenaQuakeDeathrunSplifMurder MysteryEgg Wars
Waterfall_Proxy 16/2000 440
dlLatealCraft bSurvival e0.14.X a#1 fr0/75 1.25SurvivalDUPPirateKit StartWithout launcherEconomyGrifCheats
hub 21/250 435
VineMine 1.25Survival
world) 64/1337 427
Gbabs 0.15.10 32/33 422
lae 7> dAnarx f 1.19PVPFly
world 30/240 393
Minecraft PE Server 1.7CreativeDUPAuto-shachtScoreWorkCasesClansPrisonWeddingsEconomyFree admin panel
World 14/150 389
BloodMine #2 1.25SurvivalDUP1000 lvvPVPWorkMagicCasesVampirismDonatClansEconomyVarnishes blocksPrivat
world 12/150 388
l7[ka...rl7]c HypefGO b1e 1.7Auto-shachtAntispamWorkCasesClansPrisonFlyWeddingsEconomyFree admin panel
hypego 52/1000 385
Technocracy Release! 1.7.10SurvivalWithout a dupRPGKit StartWithout launcherDonatClansPrivat
tcracy 3/60 385
Minecraft PE Server 1.7CreativeDUPKit StartAuto-shachtScoreWorkCasesPrisonWeddingsEconomyFree admin panel
World 3/150 382
bSkillcMine 1.19CreativeGrif
2021_04_24_21_4 1/100 381
BloodMine #8 1.2.10SurvivalKit StartWorkMagicCasesVampirismClansVarnishes blocks
world 1/150 381
:: ArtMine :: 1.1-1.19 1.19Bed WarsClassicPVPWithout a dupPirateKit StartAuto-shachtFP HelpAntispamWorkDonatClansFlyWeddingsEconomyEventsVanillaQuestsParkourMob ArenaSplifPrivat
Waterdog_Proxy 5/500 381 7| SurvivalHypixelpetsUralpassportFloodProtectRPGKit StartAuto-shachtScoreFP HelpPetsAntispamWorkMagicFALSEBOOKICCitiesVampirismWeddingsAnarchyQuests
hub 4/1000 380
lae 7> 6Survival f 1.19
world 56/240 343
Minecraft: PE Server 0.15.10
world 2/20 335
Minecraft PE Server 1.7
World 20/150 333
lae 7> 6Survival f 1.19
world 28/240 332
lae 7> 6Survival f 1.19
world 27/240 331
lae 7> 6Survival f 1.19
world 26/240 331
lae 7> 6Survival f 1.19
world 25/240 330
:: GamePE :: 1.1-1.18 1.19
Waterdog_Proxy 106/1500 327
Minecraft PE Server 1.7
World 8/150 325 1.12.2
Tesla 378/7000 325
-(+)- BusinessCraft -(+)-8f City Ro 1.19.3
world 3/80 324
lbMurderMystery cUpdat 7| aGRP.FUNr7 1.1
ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ 13/300 324
lafSurvival7#1 aNoGrief rkl7||r laGRP.FUN 1.1
ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ 5/200 323
ograndtheftr4lMCPEr 1.19
world 3/550 321
VineMine 1.25
VineMine 6/500 321 [1.1.x] 1.7
world 349/250 320
!! ArchiQuest !! The best creative servers! 1.19SurvivalCreativeRoleplayVanilla
Waterfall_Proxy 0/500 287
Welcome to Fozzy public server! Get your own priva 1.19.4Survival
world 0/40 287
Welcome to Fozzy public server! Get your own priva 1.19.4Survival
world 0/40 287
Skyblock+ 1.19.3FloodProtectKit StartAntispamEconomyEventsQuests
world 0/150 277
MiKo 1.19SurvivalPVP
Geyser 0/60 235
CristalixBE 1.19The Hunger GamesBed WarsTNT RASSKAI VARSPVPDonatBuild BattleParkour
Waterdog_Proxy 0/1500 230
BloodMine MiniGames #1 1.12TNT RASSKAI VARSParkourMob ArenaVarnishes blocks
hub 0/200 230
Mageweave Release! 1.7.10SurvivalRPGWithout launcherDonatClansPrivat
mweave 0/60 230
Haitana 1.8.3PVPDonatClansEconomy
world 0/30 230 c#2 7| SurvivalHypixelpetsUralpassportPVPWithout a dupPirateAuto-shachtScorePetsAntispamMagicFALSEBOOKICCitiesWeddingsEconomy
spawn 0/100 230

Minecraft server list

DIIXRIX.NET monitoring is designed to easily and efficiently find the most popular Minecraft servers. The system is equipped with all the necessary tools to help you find the server that best suits your needs. You can filter all Minecraft servers based on their version, mods, plugins, mini-games, and countries. The filter by the number of players on the server is a useful feature where you can select the online player count that suits you. The server table can be sorted conveniently by rating, the number of players in the north, map, address (name: host), and name. Additionally, the server selection function enables you to specify the necessary parameters for your ideal Minecraft server.

In the monitoring system, you can see the version of Minecraft servers, all mods, and game modes immediately. To simplify the process, there is an option to copy the address of the server you have chosen.

Minecraft server monitoring encompasses many sites with interesting modifications, and servers with modifications such as DayZ, Stalker, Industrial Craft, Star Wars, and BuildCraft have gained great popularity.

When selecting a Minecraft server to play on, keep in mind that each server is configured differently. Besides modifications, private territory can be turned off, which can lead to attackers destroying your buildings. Novice players are advised to play on classic Minecraft server builds with PVP mode turned off and private enabled.

Minecraft server monitoring only lists the best Minecraft servers in the TOP. The rating system allows you to evaluate how useful a server is to the player. All sites are evaluated based on their workload, uptime, and the number of likes, and additional points are added to the site rating for the description.

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