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The best ARK servers, with survival in the world of dinosaurs. A large selection of steep servers ARK: Survival Evolved for every taste. With the help of filters you will easily find a suitable for yourself ARK server . By the rating in monitoring and likes of other users, you can evaluate and choose the best server for the game in ARK. To simplify the search for you in monitoring, first places always occupy the most top server ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Survival Evolved
The country
AberrationChernarus LN (URP)chernarusplusCrystalIslesCubeWorld_LightCullfield IslandDefaultde_aztecde_dust2de_miragede_overpassde_russia_2x2dod_AnzioExclusionZoneExtinctionFjordurGen2GenesisGermanygm_bigcitygm_constructgm_flatgrassgm_luigis_mansionGunSmokeHopeIsla_SpiroIsle V3LostIslandMAP-FilthMortemTupiuOceanOlympusPH Milton EstateProcedural MapRagnarokrp_bangclawrp_coruscantbelowrp_downtown_tits_v2rp_rockford_french_v3brussiaScorchedEarthShooterEntryThe Exiled LandsTheCenterTheIslandttt_67thway_v14ttt_scarisland_b1ttt_skyscraperTunguska_pValguero_PViking_PVRisingWorldWashingtonzm_lost_relics_v2
The address
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Fjordur - SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
Fjordur 3/70
GAMES.FOZZY.COM | 150 slots | PVP | The Island | U Vanilla
TheIsland 0/150 287
300 LVL ALL 5x S+ classic no wipe - (v356.5) SurvivalLicensePVPX5Without donat
TheIsland 0/50 285 PvP x5 [Cluster] - (v356.5) SurvivalWithout a dupLicenseClassicPVPPveX5Without a dupWithout donat
Extinction 0/70 275 PvP x5 [Cluster] - (v356.5) Without a dupLicenseClassicX5
Genesis 0/70 275 PvP x5 [Cluster] - (v356.5) SurvivalWithout a dupLicenseClassic
Ragnarok 0/70 275
NA-PVE-Official-Valguero560 - (v356.5) Pve
Valguero_P 9/70 253
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Lost Island - SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
LostIsland 1/70 248
EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland5 - (v356.5) PVP
TheIsland 5/70 247
EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter362 - (v356.5) PVP
TheCenter 4/70 246
EU-PVE-Official-Aberration375 - (v356.5) Pve
Aberration 4/70 246 PvP x5 [Cluster] - (v356.5) SurvivalWithout a dupLicenseClassic
Valguero_P 1/70 246
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Island - ( SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
TheIsland 0/70 237
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Valguero - SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
Valguero_P 0/70 237
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop The Center SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
TheCenter 0/70 237
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Scorched Earth SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
ScorchedEarth 0/70 237
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Ragnarok - SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
Ragnarok 0/70 237
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Genesis2 - SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
Gen2 0/70 237
ARK24 PVE x5 shop Fjordur - (v356.5) SurvivalClassicPveX5Kit StartScore
Fjordur 0/70 237
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Extinction SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
Extinction 0/70 237
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Crystal Isles SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
CrystalIsles 0/70 237
ARK24 PVP x5 No WIPE shop Abberation SurvivalClassicPVPX5Kit StartScore
Aberration 0/70 237
[GER] Ela's Hexenkessel-C - (v356.5) PVP
CrystalIsles 0/10 235 PvP x5 [Cluster] - (v356.5) SurvivalWithout a dupLicenseClassic
CrystalIsles 0/70 235
[GER] Ela's Hexenkessel-C - (v356.5) Roleplay
CrystalIsles 0/10 230
[In-Match] OfficialSotf12v2-i-0412827bf022d0cf4 -
TheIsland 29/85 214
ARKWTF.COM x5 PVP NO WIPE The Island - (v356.5)
TheIsland 8/70 196
EU-PVE-Official-Aberration374 - (v356.5)
Aberration 11/70 196
[In-Match] OfficialSotf2FFA-i-0700680692465fc67 -
TheIsland 14/85 196
EU-PVE-Official-Aberration374 - (v356.5)
Aberration 10/70 194
NA-PVP-Ragnarok-CrossArk9 - (v356.5)
Ragnarok 6/70 194
[EU] Magma PVE2: Genesis 2 [Cluster] - (v356.4)
Gen2 7/50 194
[EU] ARKADIA - PvPvE Cluster X5 - The Center - (v3
TheCenter 9/69 193
ARKWTF.COM x5 PVP NO WIPE Ragnarok - (v356.5)
Ragnarok 2/70 188
ARKWTF.COM x5 PVP NO WIPE The Island - (v356.5)
TheIsland 5/70 187
EU-PVP-Official-GenOne684 - (v356.5)
Genesis 4/70 186
420 ARK Cluster 9/9 Crystal Isle [30xAll+Mods,PvE]
CrystalIsles 5/100 185
[EU] Magma PVE7: The Island [Cluster] - (v356.4)
TheIsland 2/50 184
[EU]-PvPvE-CrossArk-TheIsland - (v356.5)
TheIsland 3/70 184
[EU] ARKADIA - PvPvE Cluster X5 - Ragnarok - (v356
Ragnarok 2/69 183
Merric Gaming [ PvE ][ Primal Fear Cluster - (v356
TheIsland 2/70 183

ARK server list

Here are collected as popular server ARK Survival Evolved , and new but promising servers that deserve your attention. Server monitoring ARK several times per hour updates the information and rating of all servers ARK. The service has all the most necessary functions of sorting and filtration to search for the best server ARK

ARK server list It will help owners of projects to find more players on their server. Adding a full description and tags that most correspond to your server ARK , you will help players find your server faster.

On game servers ARK: Survival Evolved you will have to survive in the cruel world of dinosaurs. To survive on the island ARK you will have to: hunt dinosaurs, mine resources, craft, etc. This game not only has a beautiful graphics but also a unique gaming process.

The game has more than 70 types of dinosaurs of which can be tamed and developed. Also on servers ARK You can build really large locks. And create your tribe with which you will survive together.
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